armadillo eggs recipe

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Armadillo Eggs Recipe


My dislike for cream cheese is what led me to this armadillo eggs recipe. I cut the top of some jalapenos, filled them with Velveeta cheese, wrapped them in sausage and bacon and the threw them on the smoker.

The smoker was pre heated to 300 degrees and I used Traeger Apple Wood pellets. I smoked the armadillo eggs until they hit an internal temperature of 165 degrees. I then coated them with some BBQ sauce and left them on the smoker for another 10 minutes.

The results, crunchy jalapenos full of spice and a delicious recipe you should give a try.

Armadillo Eggs Ingredients

  • 5 jalapenos
  • 1.5 pounds of spicy ground sausage
  • 1.5 packages of regular cut bacon
  • 1/2 block of Velveeta cheese
  • Pork and Poultry Traeger Seasoning

Prepping Instructions

  • Cut the tops off jalapenos
  • Core out veins and seed of jalapenos (leave veins and seeds in for spicy)
  • Pack inside of jalapenos with as much Velveeta cheese you can stuff in
  • Wrap stuffed jalapenos in sausage
  • Cover sausage with Traeger seasoning
  • Wrap jalapeno covered suasage with bacon
  • Cover bacon with Traeger seasoning

Smoking Instructions

  • Pre heat your smoker to 3o0 degrees
  • Place armadillo eggs in your smoker
  • Once your shotgun shells reach 165 degrees internally, coat with BBQ sauce and continue to smoke for additional 10 minutes
  • Remove armadillo eggs from smoker and let rest for at least 15 minutes
  • Eat and enjoy

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