Meat Church BBQ Rub Combo: Holy Cow (12 oz) and Holy Gospel (14 oz) BBQ Rub and Seasoning for Meat and Vegetables, Gluten Free, One Bottle of Each

Elevate your grilling to divine levels with the Meat Church BBQ Rub Combo! Get ready to transform your meats and vegetables with our heavenly pairing: the bold Holy Cow (12 oz) and the sublime Holy Gospel (14 oz). These BBQ rubs and seasonings are specially crafted to bring out the best in your barbecue, ensuring every bite is bursting with flavor. Gluten-free and perfect for a wide range of dishes, this combo pack includes one bottle of each, promising your cooking will be anything but ordinary. Indulge in the flavors that BBQ enthusiasts swear by. Your grill is waiting.


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Dive into the world of barbecue mastery with the Meat Church BBQ Rub Combo, a culinary pairing that promises to elevate your grilling and cooking experiences to divine heights. This exceptional combo includes two of our most beloved rubs: Holy Cow (12 oz) and Holy Gospel (14 oz). Each rub offers a unique blend of flavors designed to enhance a wide range of dishes, from meats to vegetables, ensuring every meal is not just food but an experience.

Holy Cow BBQ Rub: A Taste of Texas Tradition

The Holy Cow BBQ rub is our homage to the rich and robust flavors of Texas barbecue. For those who have had the pleasure of dining at iconic Texas BBQ joints like Franklin, Kreuz, Blacks, or Smitty’s, the Holy Cow rub will transport you back to those flavor-filled moments. It’s crafted to scream Texas — a beefy BBQ seasoning that’s perfect for brisket, tri-tip, and steaks. Yet, its versatility knows no bounds. Many of our customers rave about its application on chicken and burgers, making it a go-to seasoning for any protein.

Crafted with care, the Holy Cow rub combines salt, spice, dehydrated garlic, and spice extractives. This blend ensures each bite is packed with flavor, elevating your barbecue to levels previously only attainable by professional pitmasters. This 12 oz bottle of gluten-free and MSG-free seasoning is a testament to our commitment to quality and taste.

Holy Gospel BBQ Rub: A Perfect Fusion

The Holy Gospel BBQ Rub stands as a testament to innovation and customer feedback. It’s a masterful blend of our popular Holy Cow beef seasoning and The Gospel All-Purpose rub. This isn’t a mere 50-50 mixture but a carefully tested and perfected blend that addresses our customers’ desires for a balanced rub. The Holy Gospel rub is great on ribs, chicken, and beef, providing a versatile flavor profile that’s just right.

Whether it’s adjusting the black pepper punch of Holy Cow or adding a bit more zest to The Gospel, this rub has been fine-tuned to perfection. It includes sugar, salt, spices including paprika, dextrose, dehydrated garlic, celery, silicone dioxide, and spice extractives. This 14 oz bottle of gluten-free and MSG-free rub ensures your meals are not only flavorful but also cater to health-conscious diets.

Versatility at Its Best

What sets the Meat Church BBQ Rub Combo apart is its versatility. These rubs are not just for barbecue enthusiasts or those dedicated to the smoker. They are equally at home in the kitchen, adding depth and flavor to everyday meals. From a simple grilled chicken breast to a slow-cooked brisket, these rubs have the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The Holy Cow and Holy Gospel rubs are designed to complement each other, allowing chefs and home cooks alike to experiment with flavors and find their perfect mix. Whether used separately or combined, they offer a range of flavors that can be tailored to suit any taste preference.

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

As the holiday season approaches, the Meat Church BBQ Rub Combo makes for an ideal gift. Whether it’s for your husband, dad, brother, wife, mother, sister, or a friend who loves to cook, this combo pack is a thoughtful and practical present. It’s not just a gift but an invitation to explore new flavors and recipes, making it perfect for Christmas, stocking stuffers, or white elephant gift exchanges.


The Meat Church BBQ Rub Combo is more than just a set of seasonings; it’s a gateway to exploring the art of barbecue and cooking. With Holy Cow and Holy Gospel, you have at your fingertips the ability to create dishes that are not only delicious but memorable. These rubs invite you to experiment, to play with flavors, and to discover what makes barbecue such a beloved culinary tradition. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a novice cook, these rubs will help you achieve perfect results every time, making every meal an occasion to savor. Embrace the spirit of barbecue with the Meat Church BBQ Rub Combo and let your culinary journey begin.

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