Smoke With Me Elegant Cork-Backed Coaster

Protect your surfaces in style with the ‘Smoke With Me’ Cork-Backed Coaster – the perfect blend of elegance, durability, and functionality.


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Smoke With Me Cork-Back Coaster: The Perfect Home Accent
Introducing the “Smoke With Me” Cork-Back Coaster, your new favorite home accessory that brings functionality and style to any space. Designed with your comfort in mind, this coaster not only enhances the aesthetic of your home but also offers practical protection for your surfaces.

Durable and Stylish
Crafted with a layer of hardboard MDF and a backing of cork, this coaster combines durability with a natural touch. The high-gloss coating on top not only adds a sophisticated shine but also ensures the longevity of the coaster, making it a long-lasting addition to your home decor.

Perfect Size and Design
Measuring 3.74″ × 3.74″ × 0.16″ (95 × 95 × 4 mm), this coaster is the ideal size for your favorite mug or glass. The rounded corners add a touch of elegance and safety, preventing any sharp edges from catching on surfaces or hands.

Functional Features
With its water-repellent, heat-resistant, and non-slip properties, this coaster is designed to protect your coffee table, nightstand, or any surface from mug stains and moisture damage. It’s easy to clean, ensuring that maintaining its pristine appearance is as simple as a quick wipe down.

Versatile Gift Idea
Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or searching for a lovely gift for friends and family, the “Smoke With Me” Cork-Back Coaster is a thoughtful and practical choice. Its unique design, featuring the “Smoke With Me” logo, makes it a standout piece that’s sure to be appreciated.

Enhance your home with the “Smoke With Me” Cork-Back Coaster, a blend of natural beauty, practicality, and durability. It’s more than just a coaster; it’s a statement of style and a testament to thoughtful design.

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