Spicy Shotgun Shells

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Spicy Shotgun Shells


We brought the heat with these spicy shotgun shells.  You got your manicotti shell stuffed with hot sausage, jalapenos and habanero peppers and glazed with a ghost pepper BBQ sauce.  Think you can handle it?

If you haven’t seen or heard of smoked shotgun shells, they are basically bacon wrapped manicotti shells stuffed with whatever fillings you want.  We have cooked everything from bacon cheeseburger shotgun shells to your regular ol’ smoked shotgun shells and everything in between but the spicy shotgun shells are one of my favorites.

If you can handle the spice we highly recommend you give this spicy shotgun shell recipe a try!

Spicy Shotgun Shell Ingredients

  • 1 lb of hot spicy ground sausage
  • 8 manicotti shells
  • 1/4 block pepper jack cheese
  • 3 medium jalapenos
  • 2 medium habaneros
  • 8 slices of bacon
  • Sweet and tangy BBQ rub
  • Hoffs Smoken Ghost Hot Sauce

Prep Instructions

  • Boil your manicotti shells for 3 minutes until Al Dente
  • Dice your pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and habaneros and mix them with your hot spicy sausage
  • Stuff Al dente manicotti shells with sausage mixture
  • Wrap stuffed manicotti shells with bacon
  • Season with sweet and tangy rub

Smoking Instructions

  • Pre heat smoker to 300 degrees
  • Place shotgun shells in your smoker
  • Smoke until shotgun shells reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees
  • Glaze with Hoff’s Ghost BBQ sauce and smoke for an additional 10 minutes
  • Remove from smoker and prepare to eat some heat!

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